We construct gardens in and around Florence and all of Tuscany

Climate change and increasingly unpredictable seasonal conditions mean more than ever you need a landscapers you can trust to nurture your outside space and keep it thriving. We employ specialist techniques such as fertiliser targeted interventions and the customised service and maintenance of unique plant protection treatments to prevent and treat diseases. We offer a maintenance service, overseeing the annual cycle of your garden, keeping it in top condition all year round.
Garden with white roses and tennis field

Services for Gardens

Our range of services includes designing and creating beautiful gardens including on terraces, and hydro-seeding for difficult and inaccessible areas where a traditional seed wouldn’t show results. Services like pest control with automatic systems and sustainable products, movement of soil and normal pruning are also provided. 
man climbing  tree

pruning and
tree climbing

Our technicians and staff are trained in the specialist skills required for pruning and tree climbing. These tasks are carried out with the absolute safety of people, neighbouring structures and nearby areas in mind.

Services for Private Gardens

To keep your private garden in tip-top condition you can rely on the expert maintenance skills of our highly trained staff. Especially if you are not skilled in gardening, it is necessary to use technical experts for the care and maintenance of grassy areas, plants, flowers and trees. Our experienced team is ready to intervene and help with projects of any style.
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