Pruning Work in Florence and Tuscany

Along with providing care and maintenance for ornamental plants, we also offer expert pruning and tree felling services. Take advantage of our highly skilled, expert team for the design and creation of your personal or business' outdoor space, garden or landscape.
Pruning of a pine tree


This technique is employed to improve the growth of the plant and prevent the presence of pests. There are various methods of pruning. Our skilled staff analyse and determine which is the most suitable for your particular shrub, plant or tree. The purpose is to preserve the plant in the best way possible and avoid damaging it during the task. Trees pruned by us are treated using both modern and traditional techniques in arboriculture. Our use of a specialist tree-climbing technique is also beneficial to the life of the tree allowing us to work faster and more efficiently.

Man knocking down a tree


Sometimes the health of a plant or tree is so diminished the best path of action is to remove it entirely. Our expert team are qualified tree fellers who can work quickly to identify and correctly fell any tree. We use the specialist tree climbing method to ensure the best possible result.


At Gaia Creation Gardens, we're proud to offer immense care and attention to detail in the process of pruning and felling trees and shrubs . We clear away all debris and rubbish and make sure the area is safe and tidy as part of the job.
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