Landscape Reclamation in Florence

Our environmental engineering services are renowned in northern Italy and trusted for their quality. History shows that the first achievements in safe works with bio-engineering techniques date back to the ancient Romans. We consider ourselves to be continuing their work today.
Natural engineering

Natural Engineering: What is it?

Gaia Creation Gardens offers environmental engineering services as part of its site consolidation and support service. These include embankments and slopes which are subject to erosion through friction with inert materials (wood, rocks or soil), biodegradable materials (biomats,) or artificial and non-biodegradable materials (galvanized nets, geogrids, geotextiles and geotextile). The success of our landscape restoration work is the result of ongoing study and learning in the sector.
Sustainability & landscape


Gaia is committed to working on sustainable development projects that combine socio-economic needs with those of environmental protection. The techniques we employ in this work allow us to incorporate the best parts of the existing landscape, thus blending together new and old to create something completely unique.
The execution of these techniques is performed with great sensitivity to the environment, particularly with regard to the protection of the landscape. Our experienced staff are highly trained in this work and in using the necessary equipment to create beautiful sustainable gardens.

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