iZanz method for treating mosquito infestations in Tuscany

Despite the care and love used in the construction and maintenance of green recreational areas, it is not always possible to keep pesky mosquitoes and other insects at bay. Gaia Creation Gardens offers top-quality pest control services using the iZanz method.

The Best Solution for Mosquitoes

Existing solutions for the defestation of mosquitoes are not always effective and often employ the use of pesticides which are harmful for people and the environment. These chemicals can be harmful for people and plants and shrubs in the garden alike.

We have developed an innovative and natural product called iZanz to defeat all types of mosquito, including the so-called tiger mosquito and Aedes Aegipty which is known to carry the yellow fever.


iZanz creates a fine mist barrier which is virtually invisible. It is used by positioning the spray nozzles at strategic locations within the garden. The insecticide used is Pyrethrum, which is a 100% natural product. Its effectiveness also combats other annoying insects like flies, horse flies, spiders and hornets, making it an excellent alternative to the more common, harmful solutions. This product can be delivered and installed in your garden quickly and easily by our professional team.


There are several models of iZanz:

• Mini Garden for rooms up to 200 square meters
• Super Mini Garden for rooms up to 400 square meters
• Garden Plus for rooms up to 2000 square meters
• Garden Ultra for rooms up to 5000 square meters

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If you'd like to rid your garden of mosquitoes get in touch with us today for details of our solutions:
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