In the market since 2007, Gaia Creation Gardens with its excellent services offers a free inspection in the first meeting. Our goal is to design a new look based on the customers’ requirements, while respecting the harmony of nature that is fundamental to our way of working. The use of eco-friendly raw materials contributes to the conservation of natural resources, thus avoiding depletion. Along with our expert services, we also offer our ideas to our customers, be it a green space in the city, an improvement of an existing garden, the modernization of an external area or simply an irrigation plant. 
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Designer Gardens in Florence and Tuscany

Founded in 2007 by two craftsmen with decades of experience in gardening and the horticultural industry, our company aims to design gardens using excellent and unparalleled facilities. We boast a tight-knit team of skilled professionals, equipped with thorough technical training. Their skills are regularly updated with training in new advancements in the field and occupational safety, in lines with the regulations of Legislative Decree 81/2008 (Consolidated Law on health and job security).
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The experience, techniques and training of our skilled professionals are just a few of the attributes that help our company realise successful projects. Special attention is given to our operations involving tree climbing and tree pruning. 
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Offering the Best to Our Customers

Our staff is made up of a team of experts dedicated to delivering a quality service to customers. To continuously improve our service we regularly share our ideas and experiences whether we're creating green city spaces, modernising traditional outside spaces or transforming domestic gardens.


We offer a range of top-quality services to help you achieve the garden or terrace, landscape or public garden you're seeking. Including:
• Creation of parks, historic gardens and modern terraces
• Hanging gardens
• Garden design
• Maintenance of gardens and gardening
• Realization and installation of irrigation systems & sub-irrigation
• Creating bio ponds, lakes and reservoirs
• Pest control- especially mosquitoes
• Vertical gardening
• Green roof construction
• Movement of soil
• Pruning and felling
• Tree climbing
• Environmental engineering
• Slope stabilization
• Auto and organic fertilization systems
• Drywall
• Hydro seeding, soil turf aeration
• Creation of organic, synergistic, permaculture gardens


Our garden designs are drawn by landscape architects and skilled technicians using the latest technology. Owing to our professional collaboration with the prestigious team at Studio Architecture Outdoor, we now have the ability to create the best possible outdoor garden designs for clients.
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Would you like to transform your garden? Call us on +393387106686 today!
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