Artificial Ponds in Greve in Chianti, Florence

Garden water features can take different forms, shapes, sizes and we offer a range of options. From bio-ponds to artificial lakes and bio-swimming pools. These are unique natural pools with chemicals like chlorine replaced by aquatic plants and micro-organisms that purify the water completely naturally. With the use of a pump, the water is purified and brought inside the bathing area. This combination of natural agents over time creates a beautiful oasis of flora that also serves to purify waste water.
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We construct different systems for water features intended for plants and wildlife and those intended for swimming. We also plant a different selection of plants. We strive always to create an environmentally efficient ecosystem that integrates seamlessly with the surrounding landscape. All part of our eco-friendly philosophy.
ecological swimming pool

Ecological and Affordable Reflecting pools

With our eco-friendly principles our qualified staff are always looking for new products and approaches to sustainability and preservation of nature. For this reason we often recommend clients install water reservoirs. The costs of installation are reasonable and they can blend beautifully into any environment.
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