Gazebos and Garden Equipment in Greve in Chianti

Planning and constructing ornamental gardens can include not just the renovation but also the furnishing of a terrace or decked area. We offer a range of services regarding furniture for your garden or outdoor space. From flooring options such as such as wood, stones & pebbles and our qualified landscape architects can offer tips on how to create definition in your garden by adding furniture such as gazebos.
Personalized gardens in Chianti

Refined and Personalized Gardens 

Creating defined outdoor 'rooms' is possible with beautiful gazebos and structures made from a variety of materials. We work with our clients to design and construct outdoor furniture that blends in perfectly with the planting and atmosphere of the garden itself.
Open air living room

Open-Air Living Room

Our team of dedicated professionals can generate personalised designs with the aim of creating continuity and harmony in the outdoor environment. Choose from a wide range of furniture options: from sofas to coffee tables, chaise langue's, ottomans, vases and planters. All of these help create beautiful open-air living rooms, where structures such as gazebos and arbours create definition and clarity of space.

Relaxation Area

Rooms outside can also function as relaxation areas - perfect for morning yoga practise, retreats or if you're interested in installing a hot tub, pool or shower in your garden.
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